Oct 2013 - Dec 2013

We are free in Christ. What does that mean? What are we free from? What should we do with our freedom?
Join us for our study in the book of Galatians.

Sermons in this series
Sun, Dec 08, 2013
Bragging is normally thought of in a negative light. Paul describes how there is one thing we can brag about: The Cross of Jesus.
Sun, Dec 01, 2013
Series: Galatians
We are free to serve on another. Paul explains five principles that direct us in serving others.
Sun, Nov 24, 2013
Depending on the Spirit: What it looks like when we don't, and what it looks like when we do.
Sun, Nov 17, 2013
Series: Galatians
Full Service Recording including worship and the sermon on Galatians 5:1-15.
Sun, Nov 03, 2013
In Christ, we are sons and daughters of God. Paul elaborates on what that means with regards to our new identity and new position.
Sun, Oct 27, 2013
Series: Galatians
Living legalistically is not the way to get God's approval. It never has been and it never will be. It only imprisons and restricts us. Our faith in Christ frees us from having to live legalistically.
Sun, Oct 20, 2013
Passage: Galatians 2
Series: Galatians
Paul uses two ministry experiences to underscore his firm belief that we are freed only through faith in Christ. We are freed from legalism and hypocrisy. And our faith allows us to balance perfectly our right beliefs and right behaviors.
Sun, Oct 06, 2013
Passage: Galatians 1
Series: Galatians
We are freed by the grace of God. That means that God's love for us is not dependent on our performance for Him.
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