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Sun, Jun 03, 2018
Duration: 36 mins 51 secs
We Americans are fond of making the Bible about us. 2 Chronicles 7:14 is a classic example of that. For awhile now, American Christians have created photos, memes, and other inspirational red-white-and-blue art and tagged this verse. Well, when we actually study it's context and original meaning, we'll realize it's not exactly teaching what we want it to say.
Sun, Nov 05, 2017
Passage: James 4:1-12
Duration: 36 mins 28 secs
Working faith and worldly desires don't mix. James calls out his audience for following their worldly desires and warns them of the consequences. But more than just giving them a stern lecture, he earnestly calls them to repentance and invites them down a better path - the path of humility that leads to God's grace and favor.
Sun, Sep 08, 2013
Passage: Daniel 9:1-19
Series: Daniel
(Partial sermon due to bad mic batteries) Daniel repents on behalf of himself and his people when confronted with God's coming restoration of His people to their land.
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