It's All Downhill From Here - 1-2 Kings
Feb 2019 - Oct 2020

1-2 Kings records the tumultuous history of Israel from the end of David's reign to the traumatic exiles by Assyria and Babylon. More than just a dry record of events, these books carry serious theological lessons. 

For both the original audience and for us, these lessons are given so we can avoid repeating their tragic mistakes.  We can learn from this history about how to be faithul to God whether in times of success or times of distress. It doesn't have to be "all downhill from here" if we are willing to pay close attention to the truths underlined in these stories.

Strange Stories
May 2020 - Aug 2020

All throughout the Bible, there are stories that shock us, confuse us, and make us scratch our heads wondering "what is going on here?"

Throughout this summer sermon series, we'll be taking a closer look at a number of these stories in attempt to make sense of them and to learn the lessons of faith God is trying to teach us.

Romans: God's Level Playing Field
Jan 2020 - Feb 2020

Romans is often viewed as theological treatsie written by the Apostle Paul. While certainly theologically significant, it is more than that. 

The apostle Paul wrote Romans as a letter to people he'd largely never met. The letter itself reveals two key purposes behind why he penned it. 

One, he was anticipating visiting them as he pursued ministry in Spain. He hoped to encourage them and garner their support for God's mission to unreached peoples.

Two, he was aware of their internal struggles regarding the mix of cultural perspectives of the Jewish and Roman worlds.

For both purposes, he emphasizes the Gospel of Christ to create common ground. He highlights how the Gospel should impact their community and individual perspectives. Ultimately, he shows them how the truth of the Gospel will demolish any bias and destroy any sense of superiority that we might hold. While the world plays many different games on many different kinds of "fields", we truly are all on a level playing field with God - and that makes all the difference.


*Due to technical difficulties, several of the sermons early in this series do not have audio and/or video recordings.

Special Services
Jun 2013 - Jan 2020
Virtuous or Vixen?
May 2019 - Aug 2019

The old axiom, "you can't judge a book by it's cover" applies to biblical characters. Often times we misconstrue or misunderstand a passage or passages and that leads us to twisting our perspective on a particular character. This especially happens with female characters in the Bible. Historically, the Church has all too often marginalized or vilified certain women because of poor interpretation or unfounded bias.

This series, inspired by Dr. Sandra Glahn's book "Vindicating the Vixens", takes a closer look at a number of women in the Bible who've been misunderstood. For women and men alike, we'll discover some profound life lessons that can help shape our walk with God. 

Tales of the Kingdom
Sep 2018 - Feb 2019

Everyone loves a good story. Something within us is wired to connect to a well-crafted narrative. 

Jesus understood this and often used parables to explain what it means to be part of God's Kingdom people. Parables have long been described as "earthly stories with heavenly meaning", which is certainly true.  Jesus parables aren't all nice, neat, formulaic fables however. 

In this series, we'll explore the nuances and depth of these spiritual stories. Specifically we'll concentrate on the parables found in Luke and discover how they still impact our lives today. 

Missing the Point
Jun 2018 - Sep 2018

There are many commonly-known and oft-quoted Bible verses that for one reason or another, have been misunderstood and misused by many Christians.

In this series, we will try to get to the truth of what's really going on in some of the more misquoted passages of Scripture. We're sorry, but not really sorry if this spoils things for you. But we promise it will be better in the long run if we can uncover what's really being said.

Behold, Our God the King!
Jan 2018 - May 2018

Isaiah's book of prophecy that bears his name is an incredible compilation of messages spanning the last decades and even centuries of the Kingdom of Israel. Even for a prophetic book, it is complex, confusing, and astonishingly convicting.

While it is easy to read it and have trouble making sense of the various parts, when in-depth study is attempted, the beauty of the book shines through. The diligent reader and student of Isaiah will ultimately discover that Isaiah's messages are about revealing the Lord as King.  His Kingship is multi-faceted and awe-inspiring when one is able to see how all the specific pictures fit into the overall picture. 

Join us on our journey as we explore who God is as our King and what is plans are for His people and His Kingdom.

Advent 2017 - Characters of Christmas
Dec 2017

This Christmas season, we learn about the birth of Christ from some of the surrounding characters in the story. 

The Scribe in Herod's Court, the Innkeeper who found some space for Joseph and Mary, and the Angel who announced the birth of the Messiah. 

James: Working Faith
Sep 2017 - Dec 2017

James is a fascinating book that covers a variety of topics. From playing favorites to faith healing, James has words of wisdom for a plethora of situations. Some have seen a lack of unified thought but a careful review finds that James is exhorting the people of God to display their genuine faith. His instructions ultimately paint a picture of what working faith looks like in the mess and chaos of everyday life.

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