Tales of the Kingdom

Tales of the Kingdom

Sep 2018 - Feb 2019

Everyone loves a good story. Something within us is wired to connect to a well-crafted narrative. 

Jesus understood this and often used parables to explain what it means to be part of God's Kingdom people. Parables have long been described as "earthly stories with heavenly meaning", which is certainly true.  Jesus parables aren't all nice, neat, formulaic fables however. 

In this series, we'll explore the nuances and depth of these spiritual stories. Specifically we'll concentrate on the parables found in Luke and discover how they still impact our lives today. 

Sermons in this series
Sun, Oct 14, 2018
Duration: 28 mins 29 secs
Luke records this parable right after Jesus teaches his disciples "The Lord's Prayer". That is fitting because it helps us gain insight into our prayers and how God responds to them. God is eager to help us and we don't need to fear approaching him with our needs.
Sun, Oct 07, 2018
Passage: Luke 10:25-37
Duration: 52 mins 15 secs
The Good Samaritan is one of the most widely-known parables of Jesus. There are obvious lessons that we can identify. But there are also some that we may miss if we don't look carefully. We look at this story with fresh eyes and seek to understand how we can live it out in a better way.
Sun, Sep 30, 2018
Passage: Luke 7:36-50
Duration: 39 mins 44 secs
A sinful woman interrupts a party to pay homage to Jesus. The critical host looks down on the spectacle, but Jesus turns the tables on him by sharing a parable about debts owed, forgiveness, and love.
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