Romans: God's Level Playing Field

Romans: God's Level Playing Field

Jan 2020 - Feb 2020

Romans is often viewed as theological treatsie written by the Apostle Paul. While certainly theologically significant, it is more than that. 

The apostle Paul wrote Romans as a letter to people he'd largely never met. The letter itself reveals two key purposes behind why he penned it. 

One, he was anticipating visiting them as he pursued ministry in Spain. He hoped to encourage them and garner their support for God's mission to unreached peoples.

Two, he was aware of their internal struggles regarding the mix of cultural perspectives of the Jewish and Roman worlds.

For both purposes, he emphasizes the Gospel of Christ to create common ground. He highlights how the Gospel should impact their community and individual perspectives. Ultimately, he shows them how the truth of the Gospel will demolish any bias and destroy any sense of superiority that we might hold. While the world plays many different games on many different kinds of "fields", we truly are all on a level playing field with God - and that makes all the difference.


*Due to technical difficulties, several of the sermons early in this series do not have audio and/or video recordings.

Sermons in this series
Sun, Feb 23, 2020
With the abundance of grace that has been lavished on us, how should we respond? Paul outlines two key expectations that come with God's grace. God's grace isn't a hall pass to sin, it leads us to a transformed life where we are freed from sin's enslavement. (PowerPoint only)
Sun, Feb 16, 2020
Having established that we become members of God's family through faith in Christ, Paul focuses our attention on all that God has done for us in Jesus. (PowerPoint notes only)
Sun, Feb 09, 2020
Who gets to sing "Father Abraham" and really have it be true? Paul applies this idea of God's level playing field to redefine who gets to be part of God's family. It's all about God's grace, our response of faith, and his keeping his promises through Jesus. Or in other words, it's all about God's faithfulness. (See "Live" page on our website for the sermon video)
Sun, Feb 02, 2020
Passage: Romans 2-3
Duration: 39 mins 30 secs
We are all on the same level playing field before God. None of us are exempt from the failures of sin and the reality of death. Thankfully, all of us are invited by God to find salvation in Christ. Our unfaithfulness does not cancel out his faithfulness to his redemption promise.
Sun, Jan 26, 2020
Duration: 39 mins 19 secs
Romans 1:18ff describes the negative side of our spiritual level playing field before God. In other words, all people make the same fatal mistake - we've traded worship of God for the worship of creation. Whether it's literal graven images or idols of our hearts, mankind has embraced sinful worship of false gods. We are all equally guilty and have strayed in a completely comprehensive way. The good news about Jesus stands out in relief to the darkness of the bad news. And we can't understand one without the other. *Sermon starts around the 10:40 mark.
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