Strange Stories

Strange Stories

May 2020 - Aug 2020

All throughout the Bible, there are stories that shock us, confuse us, and make us scratch our heads wondering "what is going on here?"

Throughout this summer sermon series, we'll be taking a closer look at a number of these stories in attempt to make sense of them and to learn the lessons of faith God is trying to teach us.

Sermons in this series
Sun, Aug 16, 2020
Duration: 38 mins 58 secs
Jesus curses a tree (almost indiscriminately), it withers and dies. What is going on with this random, harmful miracle? Jesus uses this as a real-life parable to teach a lesson about faith, prayer, and dead religion.
Sun, Aug 09, 2020
Passage: Mark 5:1-20
Duration: 38 mins 11 secs
Jesus confronts a demon-possessed man and sends the evil spirits into a bunch of pigs who then promptly drown. The dead pigs catch our attention, but there's an even more powerful aspect to this story.
Sun, Aug 02, 2020
Duration: 33 mins 21 secs
Jesus has an awkward interaction with a Gentile woman that has left many scratching their heads. Was Jesus being mean, obtuse, even racist? Or was he setting her up so that this whole interaction might be instructive about God's incredible mercy and grace. (Message starts about the 10:45 mark)
Sun, May 31, 2020
Duration: 39 mins 9 secs
Jacob wrestles a mystery man for an entire night. Who was it? For what reason? Why does it end like it does? We unpack this strange story this week to discover what we can learn, even if we don't get into a physical confrontation with a divine being.
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